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Sennybridge C.P. School

Ysgol Gynradd Pontsenni

Our School Development Plan 2022-2025

An overview for parents and the community


The School Development Plan (SDP) provides a strategic oversight for improvement via short-term and long-term objectives.  The SDP focuses on how the school will achieve its targets, in relation to its priorities, and how it will use the resources it has available, including funding. It also sets out how the school intends to develop its staff  in order to meet the school’s priorities and targets.

In line with the Curriculum and Assessment (Wales) 2021 Act, the SDP identifies how it aims to support the national priorities for all schools in Wales. These include:

· improving pupils’ progression by ensuring their learning is supported by a range of knowledge, skills and experience

· reducing the impact of poverty on pupils’ progression and attainment




What are the priorities for 2022-2023?





What will success look like?

2022 - 2023

To further develop the ethos, culture and role of leadership and accountability with all staff and learners.









To further develop extended writing across all areas of the curriculum ensuring that all genres of writing are taught across classes.





To further develop and promote problem solving and reasoning across all areas of numeracy within the curriculum.



Following staffing changes across the school including the addition of a new ALNCo and TLR holder as well as all teachers working in different classes, the importance of embedding a culture of distributed leadership which holds all stakeholders accountable and offers continued professional development is a focus area. As well as staff, learners are given additional responsibilities i.e. running the Snack Shack, Cyngor Ysgol, Cyngor Eco, Criw Cymraeg. It is a focus of the school to develop the role of leadership with learners leading.



In the previous academic year, the Headteacher supported class teachers by providing a curriculum overview for each term that had open-ended enquiry tasks to explore. Having mapped out the coverage of skills in numeracy, Health and Wellbeing and RSE, it is now important to develop a genre-based, extended writing opportunity across the curriculum.



Nearly all classes have benefited from an overview of maths coverage skills which set an expectation for each class. From work scrutiny with SLT, it would appear that the use of problem solving and reasoning is a needed focus area for developing consistency across the school and the curriculum.



-A culture of leadership at all levels with all members of staff is established across the school.

-All staff are aware of how they can develop their leadership standards in relation to their own role through reference to the Professional Leadership Standards (adopted for both teaching and non-teaching staff).

-Accountability is viewed by staff as an opportunity for empowerment and autonomy. This will present as staff taking an active leadership role in relation to their AOLE or responsibility areas.

-Existing and newly appointed members of SLT e.g. ALNCo, Deputy and TLR holders develop within the culture of distributed leadership.





-The school has a consistent and detailed plan of coverage for all non-fiction and fiction genres of writing across the school.

-Staff feel confident and secure with their delivery of all genres and styles of writing

-There is clear evidence of coverage and progression across the learning continuum within all genres of writing

-There is good evidence of cross-curricular skills across themed work throughout the year

-There is a systematic process for the up-levelling of spelling and grammar across the school


-The school will have a consistent coverage model for the teaching and learning of mathematics and numeracy learning experiences.

-The school will have a consistent and systematic model for ensuring progression along the learning continuum

-The school will explore and use a variety of strategies to develop problem solving and reasoning within teaching and learning and learning experiences.

-School based analysis from the Wales National Tests will show improvement in learners Standardised Age Scores which the school will use as its own bassline. The school acknowledges that its performance in relation to quantitative data is not an indicator measure from external verifiers such as Estyn.

-Pupil voice will highlight an enjoyment for problem solving and reasoning within this AOLE.




What will success look like?

2022 - 2023

To further develop the role of Governance across the school and to develop Governor’s roles as ‘critical friends’ of the school.












To develop Curriculum for Wales via effective, sustainable cluster working.

The impact of Covid prevented the Governing Boy and the subcommittees from being able to play a face-to-face role within the school. Having established and clarified the new committees, the Headteacher and SLT are keen to develop purposeful and quality governance from its Governing Body. The Headteacher wants to develop Governors within their capacity as ‘critical friends’ ensuring that each member understands their role and are held accountable for supporting the school whilst working within their remit.





 The new Curriculum for Wales puts an emphasis on collaborative working between schools in a cluster. This is to ensure that there is an understanding of the pedagogy that drives each school’s curriculum and to ensure that there is an understanding of the learning continuum across all sectors of education.


-All Governors are aware of their roles working as members of the Governing Body and its sub-committees.

-All Governors are aware and adhere to the Code of Conduct to ensure fairness and open-Governance at all times

-Subcommittees of the Governing Body meet at the appropriate timescale and operate in line with each subcommittee’s Terms of Reference

-All Governors complete the necessary and statutory training in relation to their roles

-All Governors are accountable for assuming the role of ‘Critical Friends’ to the school and work to support and professionally challenge the school in achieving the agreed vision.


-Co-constructed Vision agreed and embedded across cluster

-Co-constructed SC for learning and teaching agreed and embedded across cluster

-Shared understanding of Curriculum for Wales

-Development of shared repository of resources, activities

-Co-constructed curriculum continuum, including assessment and progression

How will these priorities be supported?

The school will seek support and best practice from external agencies and training where applicable. Grants will be utilised to support professional learning needs and training as well as supporting learners.

The School Improvement Advisor will support the school with monitoring its progress against this School Development Plan.



What do the future priorities look like?


Priorities for 2023-2024


Priorities for 2024-2025

To further develop and embed the school’s assessment processes (including assessment for learning) in line with the school’s pedagogical approach.

To support the school with its transition to designing the new build ensuring it meets the requirements of a 21st century building and the pedagogical principles of the curriculum.

To further develop and strengthen the provision of DCF across the school and work towards the accreditation of becoming an Apple School.

To further develop the skill content and sequence of the Sennybridge curriculum to ensure our children are provided with the opportunities to progress along the learning continuum in line with the core purposes and the What Matters Statements.

To further embed and secure problem solving and reasoning across the Sennybridge Curriculum developing upon the work achieved in the last academic year.


To further develop and embed the Curriculum for Wales via the established effective, sustainable cluster working groups including those schools outside of the Brecon Cluster and Powys e.g. Ystradgynlais cluster where many Welsh medium learners choose to attend.

To further develop and embed the Curriculum for Wales via the established effective, sustainable cluster working groups.


To further development community links through providing learners with learning experiences linked to the world of work and enterprise within the school context.


This document is a synopsis of the actual SDP. It aims to share the objectives for this academic year as well as the justification for them.