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Ysgol Gynradd Pontsenni

Sennybridge C. P. School

Eco Council

The Eco committee along with Marc William (eco governor) Sent a birthday card and letter to Sir David Attenborough. The children told Sir David all about the measures we have been taking as part of the school to help wildlife and nature. We are thrilled to have received a hand written letter in response. 

Gardening club

WHAT IS 1 METRE MATTERS? BETH YW MAE 1 METR YN BWYSIG? We have been invited to join an exciting scheme called 1 metre matters. But what is it, well we want as many of you to get planting, building and enjoying the outdoors. We need to turn 1 metre of your garden into a bug paradise. This could be through planting seeds, planting bigger plants, making bug hotels and butterfly houses.

Thank you to Mark Williams for helping the Eco committee with making the school grounds more wildlife friendly.

Ground Force Day - Keep Wales Tidy / Celtic Wilflowers

Meeting minutes

Tree Plant - Fay Jones MP / National Trust / Eco Committee

Eco Environmental Review

Rags2Riches Collection 2023

Diolch yn fawr iawn! Thank you very much!

Thank you for all your donations this year to Rags2Riches.

Our Eco Committee have been helping load them all up this morning, weighing  239.2 kg  we have raised a fantastic £119.60. Da Iawn!

We did it! We achieved our Green Flag School status on 21.04.23. Da iawn pawb!