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Ysgol Gynradd Pontsenni

Sennybridge C. P. School

Wellbeing in Sennybridge

What is our vision for Health and Wellbeing in Sennybridge?


We aim to faciliate learners with the development of skills to navigate life's opportunities and challenges with an emphasis of developing physical health and development, mental health and emotional and social wellbeing.


To support this, the school has a variety of strategies to support learners and staff.


Some examples include:

-ELSA trained staff

-Mental First Aid champion

-nurture based interventions

-support from outside agencies when required

-PC Skyrme to support us on key areas

-Health and Wellbeing AOLE team


How do we help learners to develop Health and Wellbeing awareness of themes?

As a school we have invested in a resource called Jigsaw to support us with Health and Wellbeing circle time discussions. This initiative has been tailored to the needs of our school. It also links with Mindfulness which is a new area for the school to develop.


Why worry when the Worry Monster can do it for you?


As a school we have invested in a team of 'Worry Eaters' to support

wellbeing in the school. Our process is simple. If a child has a worry that they want to discuss, they can write their name on to a piece of paper and feed it to the Worry Eater. An adult will check on the Worry Eater each day and at some point that day, will have a chat with the child who needs to talk.


We use 'The Very Hungry Worry Monsters' book written by Rosie Greening to support children with the concept.



Letter to the children

The Very Hungry Worry Monsters

The Very Hungry Worry Monsters - Read Aloud Books for Toddlers, Kids and ChildrenCopyright 2020 Make Believe Ideas LtdWritten by Rosie GreeningIllustrated by...

The overview for Health and Wellbeing Circle Time discussioms this year for each Dosbarth is: