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Ysgol Gynradd Pontsenni

Sennybridge C. P. School

Our Curriculum

Our Cynefin = Our Curriculum 


The new curriculum for Wales offers schools the opportunity to build a curriculum which reflects the diverse needs of each school across Wales. For us here at Sennybridge C.P. School, this means we have the creative freedom to build a curriculum which is relevant to us here in the Brecon Beacons as well as members of Wales and the wider world.


Our curriculum aims to equip pupils with the skills to become:

-ambitious capable learners

-healthy confident individuals

-Ethical informed citizens 

-Enterprising creative contributors

(These are known as Wales as the Four Core purposes)




In Sennybridge child-speak these are:

-      

- ,        

- ,      S, W   

-          



Pedagogical Principles

Pedagogical Principles

Pedagogical Principles


There are 12 pedagogical principles that drive our curriculum vision. These principles support pupils in acquiring the skills needed to achieve the four core purposes.

2022 - A new curriculum for Wales has arrived

From September 2022, the way children and young people learn in schools will change, to prepare them better for a changing world.Schools will create their ow...

The AOLE (Area of Learning Experiences)


The new curriculum removes the teaching of individualised subjects. Instead, there are six Areas of Learning Experiences. These are:


-Language, Literacy and Communication

-Mathematics and Numeracy

-Science and Technology

-Health and Well being


-Expressive Arts


The overarching themes


Throughout the AOLE's there are three overarching strands that run through them. These are:



-DCF (Digital Competency Framework)




                       Our AOLE (Area of Learning Experience) Leadership structure


In order to achieve a high understanding and delivery of the curriculum, all stake holders have an area that they drive within the school. Our staff leads for the AOLE's are: