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Ysgol Gynradd Pontsenni

Sennybridge C. P. School


The Sennybridge Community Primary School Governing Body consists of representatives from: the Local Authority, Staff, Community, Minor Authority and Parents. 


The current Governing Body structure for 2023-2024 is as follows:



Governor Category

Mrs Claire Moore

Chair of Governors - Parent Governor

Mrs Julie Lewis

Vice Chair of Governors - Parent Governor

Mrs Keri Harry


Miss Lowri Vaughan

Teaching Representative Governor

Mrs Jayne Evans

Non-teaching Representative Governor

Reverend Paul Wilding

Local Authority

Mr. Stephen Powell

Parent Governor

Miss Sinead Griffiths

Parent Governor

Mr. Marc Williams

Community Governor

Mr. David Price

Community Governor

Mrs Maria James

Community Governor

Mr. Evan Morgan

Local Authority

Mr. Edwin Roderick

Local Authority

Mr. Wynn PriceMinor Authority


ALL members of the Governing Body are obliged to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Governing Bodies. All Governing Bodies are also duty bound to work within the legal parameters set within The Government of Maintained Schools (Wales) 2005 Act.


Code of Conduct for Governing Bodies

Governing Body Pen Portraits


Chair of Governors (Parent Representative) - Mrs Claire Moore



"My name is Claire Moore and I was elected as a Parent Governor in November 2020. I have specific responsibility for equal opportunities.


A little bit about me…I live on a farm in Trecastle with my husband and daughter who is in Year One at the school. Before moving back to the area in 2014 I had a successful career in the public sector which included strategy development and commissioning services for large organisations. The experience and skills I developed during this time have enabled me to support the Governing Body since joining 18 months ago.


I am an Independent Member on Powys County Council’s Standards Committee and have also recently been appointed to the same role on Brecon Beacons National Parks Standards Committee. 


Why I am a governor… I am passionate about being part of the team that continues to take Sennybridge School forward in its development. I would like to continue to strengthen the link between parents and the school and help to ensure that parents voices are heard. I am often at school picking up my daughter so please do say hello and let me know if you would like to have a chat about anything.


Being a governor at Sennybridge has given me an insight into the opportunities and challenges faced by the school, it has also given me a new understanding and appreciation of the hard work and dedication of all the staff at the school. It is an incredibly rewarding role being able to contribute towards shaping the future of our children’s lives, so they have the best educational opportunities possible."

Vice Chair of Governors - Mrs Julie Lewis



"I am currently vice chair of governors at Ysgol Pontsenni and have been a parent governor since May 2019. My current key area of responsibility is the school’s Additional Learning Needs provision as we start to implement the new Additional Learning Needs Code for Wales introduced in 2021.


I have lived in the Sennybridge area for most of my life, and I have many happy memories of when I attended Sennybridge School many years ago in the 1980’s!  I have two daughters aged 12 and 5. My youngest is in Blwyddyn 1 at Ysgol Pontsenni, and my eldest has recently started secondary school at Ysgol Gyfun Ystalyfera.


I decided to stand as parent governor because I felt it was important that the views of parents are reflected and represented on the governing body. I also wanted to play an active role in the school community as we collectively try to ensure that Ysgol Pontsenni provides our children with high quality educational opportunities and a wide range of extra-curricular activities to support their academic, social and emotional development.


I strongly believe that all parents have an important role to play in the long-term success of our school. I would encourage everyone to consider putting themselves forward as school governors of the future or get involved in supporting our active Parent Teachers Association to help with the great work they also do in supporting our school."



Parent Representative - Miss Sinead Griffiths



"My name is Sinead Griffiths and I have recently been appointed as a Parent Governor at Ysgol Pontsenni. My governor key area of responsibility is for health and wellbeing within the new curriculum.


I have been a Sennybridge C.P. School parent since my Daughter (currently in Year 2) joined the school in Reception, after also having attended the Pre School Setting. I have been extremely grateful for the care and education that she has received, along with the progress she has been helped to make, within the space of time she has attended the school. Therefore, I was eager to give something back to the school, who have given so much to my child, hence my application to be Parent Governor.  

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, drinking coffee, baking with my Daughter, walking our dog ‘Honey’ or reading together and attending the local gym.  


I am currently Deputy Headteacher at Clyro Primary School and am lead for Languages, Literacy and Communication, Deputy Safeguarding Officer, Health and Safety Officer, Teacher Governor and Reception and Year 1 Teacher. I am Forest Schools trained and am also currently leading on the New Curriculum for Wales at Clyro School and am impressed with what Sennybridge School is currently doing towards this. Just a few years ago, I was lucky enough to be involved with the new school build for Clyro School and the moving of schools, which I know is also currently in the process for Sennybridge School. 

Having been a teacher and worked in a school for almost 9 years, I have a variety of skills and knowledge, to bring as a contribution to the school. 


Being a teacher myself, I am aware of the dedication of teaching and non-teaching staff and feel it is important that there is a work life balance of all staff members, whilst still ensuring parents are happy with the education that their children are being provided with.  


I am dedicated to giving my time, to finding out more about the school, whilst offering my skills and experience, to support the school further.  


Being both a teacher and a Parent, I have both the knowledge and experience to be a critical friend to the school, supporting and challenging appropriately. 


The children’s future is extremely important to me, I have a passion for making a difference and therefore I am delighted to be given the opportunity in making a difference to the education of the children and to the school as whole, helping the children to reach their full potential, whilst supporting the headteacher and staff who work so hard at Sennybridge C.P. School to keeping it a happy and friendly place, ensuring learners thrive and reach their full potential. "


Local Authority Representative - Reverend Paul Wilding



"I have had the privilege of being vicar in this area for some time and have built up a relationship with the school through assemblies and visits of the school for harvest and Christingle.


I am a Local Authority representative Governor and have been involved with school as a Governor for a number of years and played an active role as a Governor.


I am passionate about children reading and am excited by the challenges and opportunities which the new curriculum will bring.

My interests are in reading and history. I also enjoy the beauty of the area and think that we are well blessed for Forest school and outdoor learning."


Parent Governor - Mr. Stephen Powell





First and foremost, I want to express my deep connection to Ysgol Gynradd Pontsenni/Sennybridge C.P. School. It holds a special place in my heart as I was a student here during the 1980s. It was here that I had my first encounter with a computer, specifically the BBC Micro. This early exposure ignited a lifelong fascination with technology and computing, which has not only become a rewarding hobby but also shaped my professional path. Currently, I fix PCs and teach automated software testing tools to adults, imparting my knowledge and expertise in this field. I owe much to this school and are keen to give back whenever and wherever possible.


In line with this desire and my passion for technology, I have actively participated in nurturing the digital literacy of our students. I am proud to say that I initiated an after-school computing club at our school, where I hope to inspire them – much as I was – to explore the wonders of technology and foster their problem-solving skills. It brings me great joy to witness their growth, confidence, and creativity as they navigate the digital world. As a Parent Governor, I envision expanding these efforts, working closely with the school staff and fellow governors to further enhance the computing curriculum, ensuring its relevance and progressiveness.


In addition to my technological expertise I am also a proud parent of two children who attend the school. Both are taught through the medium of Welsh, with my youngest currently in year 2. Whilst my partner is a Welsh first-language speaker, I am not – although I am currently learning. Rydw i'n dysgu Cymraeg ers 2016 gyda Duolingo a mewn dosbarth ar-lein gyda thiwtor ers mis Medi 2020. The perspective this has given me into the challenges and needs of students and parents alike is of particular relevance to our school as a dual Welsh/English institution. I am deeply committed to preserving and promoting the Welsh language and culture. I believe that by actively engaging with the language, I can help bridge any linguistic gaps and facilitate effective communication between the school, parents, and the wider community.


I genuinely believe that my experiences as a former student, a technology enthusiast, a language learner, and a parent equip me with a unique perspective that contribute effectively to the governance and strategic direction of Sennybridge C.P. School.



Community Representative - Mr. Marc Williams



My name is Marc Williams and I am the Community Governor at Ysgol Pontsenni, elected in November 2020. As a Governor, I am the representative on the School Council and the Eco Council at the School.


I am a former pupil of Sennybridge School back in the 1990’s and was brought up in the farming community, being part of Sennybridge YFC, and only moving away to attend university and work for a year. I am passionate about the environment and the natural world, which I am keen to pass on to the children at the school. This passion has led me to travel and explore many parts of the world including the Amazon Rainforest, America and Europe. I attended Aberystwyth University to study Environmental Science followed by a Masters degree in Environmental Monitoring and Analysis. I now work for Natural Resources Wales as an agricultural policy advisor, working closely with Welsh Government.


With my passion for the environment, I would like to support the school on outdoor activities, to help with development of the school and encourage the use of outdoor learning which is a fantastic part of the Welsh curriculum.


I believe the community is a key part of the school. I would like to be that voice for the community, to encourage them to take part in activities, and support the long-term success of the school. Sennybridge school are extremely lucky to have the outdoor space right on its doorstep, which provides so many opportunities for learning and developing skills. What I can remember from my primary school years was being outside either at the pond, down in the woods or planting trees across the road opposite the entrance! Memories that last. I hope being a Community Governor, I can play my part in supporting the children of Sennybridge school to learn about the natural world, assist the development of vital future skills and helping to shape those memories that last for a lifetime.

Community Representative - Mrs Maria James



I’m Maria, I’m 48 and recently appointed community governor. I currently live in Sennybridge and am married with 3 children, all educated in Ysgol Pontsenni.

I was born and grew up in the city of Swansea to Northern Irish parents. I completed my degree in English and Mediaeval Studies in Swansea University and then my PGCE in English and Drama.

I taught English to 11-18 year olds for 13 years in various schools, also being appointed to various roles during that time including mentor, assistant head of year 10 and 11, literacy coordinator, assistant Head of English and Head of English, so am familiar with the inner workings and challenges that schools and teachers face.

Around 16 years ago we moved to the area and have since made many great friends and connections here. I am a member of a local art group, work in Sennybridge Camp and am responsible for admin in Verve Kickboxing Brecon, where I am currently training for my brown belt. I also run a holiday let and keep chickens, both of which have helped me to make links with people in the area. Other areas of interest are reading, cooking, learning languages and gardening.

Having lived in various places in Wales and taught in different areas of the country, I have an excellent understanding and knowledge of how the community and school can work together to support the learning experiences of all pupils to help them to thrive in their local area and beyond.

I have one child left in Ysgol Pontsenni and am excited to support the school as it continues to evolve.



Community Representative - Mr. David Price



Awaiting response from Governor


Minor Authority Representative - Mr. Wynn Price


Awaiting response from Governor


Local Authority Representative - Mr. Evan Morgan



Awaiting response from Governor


Local Authority Representative - Mr. Edwin Roderick



"I've always lived in the area with children and grandchildren attending the school. The school has always been the hub of the community and I am proud to have been instrumental in the successful application for the new build school going forward.


I represent Powys County Council as the LEA member, and I represent Powys on the “Welsh Books Council” and their Welsh champion also learning and skills committee, and board member of the “Brecon Beacons National Park” of which I am Vice Chair of planning.


Teaching Staff Representative - Miss Lowri Vaughan



"My name is Lowri Wyn Vaughan and I am the teacher’s representative on Sennybridge School governing body. I have been the year 5/6 teacher for the last 10 years and a permanent member of the School since 2008.I am now the class 3/4 teacher in the English stream. I am originally from a little village in Alltwen where I grew up on a farm and attended the local Welsh junior school. I went to Ysgol Gyfun Ystalyfera, Trinity College Carmarthen, where I gained my BA in Humanities and Swansea University gaining my P.G.C.E. teachers’ qualification specialising in Early Years Education. Recently, I have attended a Middle leadership role to improve my own personal development and to support the school with it’s teaching and learning.

My hobbies include photography, walking and spending time with my partner Robert, friends and family and Gruff the border collie.

I look forward to challenges a New Curriculum brings to Sennybridge school and Wales."


Teaching Staff Representative - Mrs Jayne Evans



"My name is Jayne Evans and I have worked at Sennybridge School for the past 14 years. I live in Lower Chapel with my husband and we have 2 grown up children who both went to Ysgol Y Bannau and then Brecon High School.

Since joining Sennybridge School I have gained my BA Social Inclusion (Inclusive Education) and 2 years later my Graduate Certificate in Additional Needs. In 2022 I also gained my qualification as a HLTA. As well as my TA role I am also a Midday Supervisor.

I feel it is important to have a representative for the Teaching Assistants as I believe we all play an important role in ensuring the children have the best experience possible at Ysgol Pontsenni.

Outside of school my hobbies include baking and  craft work and I enjoy swimming and walking at weekends. I am also heavily involved in my local church in Merthyr Cynog.

I have worked across all the English stream classes but currently enjoying my role in Cogau."